Russel Winder <> writes:

> The title says it all really.
> Version 2.0.6 has been released. Hopefully Arch, MacPorts, Debian,
> Fedora, etc. will look to package this.
> Alternatively for Emacs 24+ folk use packaging, put MELPA in the path
> and get the latest version from GitHub automatically. That's
> 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT now :-)

There are a few things not fontified correctly in my Emacs (
git master of 2013-6-12).  I just checked with the latest github version
and they are still not fixed:

* The first member variable or function name under a protection level
  label (public/protected/private etc.) is not fontified.

* Types with namespaces (.) or are template instances(!) are not

* auto/immutable variables are not fontified with the correct face. They
  should be in variable face but are displaced in type name face

I have a hacked version in my site-lisp directory that fixes most of
these issues for me but because I'm not familiar with the CC-mode
codebase my solutions are very rough and hacky.


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