On Wed, 2013-07-31 at 23:01 +1000, finalpatch wrote:
> There are a few things not fontified correctly in my Emacs (
> git master of 2013-6-12).  I just checked with the latest github version
> and they are still not fixed:
> * The first member variable or function name under a protection level
>   label (public/protected/private etc.) is not fontified.
> * Types with namespaces (.) or are template instances(!) are not
>   fontified.
> * auto/immutable variables are not fontified with the correct face. They
>   should be in variable face but are displaced in type name face
>   instead.
> I have a hacked version in my site-lisp directory that fixes most of
> these issues for me but because I'm not familiar with the CC-mode
> codebase my solutions are very rough and hacky.

The way to progress this is for you to to clone the GitHub repository on
GitHub, clone it locally to your machines, create a feature branch with
your proposed changes, push them to your GitHub clone and then submit a
pull request via GitHub.  I and others can then try things out and see
if the pull request can be merged into master.

The one thing that still worries me about all the E-Lisp stuff – no unit
tests :-(

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