Am 12.08.2013 07:06, schrieb evilrat:
> On Monday, 5 August 2013 at 21:42:59 UTC, David wrote:
>> glad - is an OpenGL loader (with experimental gles support, --api=gles2)
> ...
> i looked at this on github and see an option to build with gl3n, then i
> see what it is, and looks like gl3n is a 'must have' for my simple
> tasks. but for some reason it only builds with -m32 on OS X, i can't see
> where it puts this flag in makefile and why do the hell it inserts this.
> can you help explain how to get rid off this?

Mh, there is no option to interact with gl3n, gl3n is completly
independent from glad/glamour/derelict.

Did you confuse gles2 (GL ES 2.0) with gl3n? Or did you speak of
glamour, which has indeed gl3n interaction, which can be turned on with
-version=gl3n: make DCFLAGS+="-version=gl3n".
But I recommend you to include gl3n and glamour as submodule or if you
don't use git, simply the sources. This makes your code independent of a
systemwide installation and it's only a few files.

glad is a replacement for Derelicts GL bindings. Soon it will also
provide a EGL support (which should already work), WGL and GLX.

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