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Perhaps we can get it to 1000 answers? I'm looking through it now to see if I can find something I can answer.

I think the lack of answers is due to most D aficionados posting questions on http://forum.dlang.org/group/digitalmars.D.learn instead of stackoverflow. The last time I asked a question I did it on both assuming I'd get better answers here than there. I was right and had to answer my own question on SO (with the answer I got on the forum from a helpful D programmer) so that others might benefit.

I'm not entirely sure this relative insularity is good for D (which is why I bothered to ask my question on SO to begin with).


There is really nothing wrong about answering/asking questions here instead of the StackOverflow.

As with many things it depends on what you want to achieve. Answering on SO is as much about establishing awareness as it is about answering the question. For a newcomer to D StackOverflow may be their first port of call, if questions go unanswered, or are answered after long delays, then the likelihood of the person persisting with D is diminished.

A relatively small number of people are attracted to tools and languages that don't have broad exposure. These people are marked by dogged determinism and a high tolerance for [mental] pain. Your average Joe or Jane is not like that, they have something they want to achieve and if they perceive the language/tools are working against them they will try something else.

It could be argued that D (broadly) isn't ready for Joe and Jane yet, but if it isn't yet, it must plan to be ready soon.

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