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A relatively small number of people are attracted to tools and languages that don't have broad exposure. These people are marked by dogged determinism and a high tolerance for [mental] pain. Your average Joe or Jane is not like that, they have something they want to achieve and if they perceive the language/tools are working against them they will try something else.

FWIW, I'm sold on D specifically *because* I have very little patience
for tools that feel like they're working against me.

Totally with Nick on this one. I liked C/C++ specifically because of the generic programming aspect + static typing. Then I learned that D did it better. Then I switched for my personal projects (all recently).

== A self-case-study regarding SO

The conversion started after I read this post on SO:


That... was shocking in simplicity. Shocking enough for me to play the what if game for a few minutes. It meant that someone could move a lot of functionality and hackery that build tools perform into the language and make it 'purdy. I *like* my code, including build tool, looking 'purdy. Or even 'purrrrrdy.

Looking at it now, that demo is a code snippet. It demos *the code* and the constructs and how pretty it looks. The bullet point answer above it, the accepted one, didn't catch my eyes. It was just a list of features. I mean, yeah, CTFE was exciting, but the code snippet demonstrating how succinct it all was... THAT WAS EYE CATCHING.


D's flippin' awesome, I can implement functionality like C++'s 'bind' function in 40 lines while the Boost library has to do in hundreds of lines (for compatibility, BUT STILL), I can deal with arbitrary tuples in a sane way, mixin arbitrary strings, I'm not constantly reaching down with my pointer finger to the less-than sign while my left hand is occupied with shift or scrunching my right pinky against the shift while my right middle is trying to hit the greater-than sign... D is just -pleasant-.

I'm enjoying all of this now *because* I was tipped off on D's awesomeness... by StackOverflow.

On the flip-side, here's 'nother tidbit (I saw this crazy thing before the post above):


Yeah, sure, it's impressive, but there's no code snippet. There's no demo of how the code was *written*. C++ also has Turing-complete metaprogramming, whoopdeedoo. My only experience at that point with metaprogramming had been torturous for anything more than a little complicated; what else could I have expected of this clearly masochistic individual's code? "Nothing new here, moving along..." was my thinking there. The post above it had snippets, but was kind of long and I didn't feel like diving too deep when I didn't yet care much for the language.

== The long and short of it:

I'm only one data point, but I'm still a data point. :-P

I understand that, really, er'rything should be for knowledge's sake, but, if it isn't too much effort, please answer Qs while strutting D's prettiness on SO.

Massive, massive kudos to whoever's had the patience to answer newbie questions, as unclear as they may have been sometimes (such as my own).

== And the obligatory...

HI FIRST TIME POSTING. Just yell at me if I get too obnoxious and whatnot.

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