W dniu 15.08.2013 21:20, Bruno Medeiros pisze:
A new version of DDT - D Development tools is out.
The major change is the new parser which is updated to the latest
version of D, and is much more robust than the previous one.

Full changelog/info here:

Note that Juno and Kepler versions of Eclipse are not supported if they
contain DLTK. If you wanna use Juno/Kepler, download a package without
DLTK. Supported for the latest versions of DLTK will be added in the

Cool! It doesn't work with nodeclipse so it must be uninstalled (this may be done after installing DDT). Then it seems to be working, but user should setup DMD paths manually if he's on Linux like me (I'm on Ubuntu 12.10). Paths for DMD should be set up to /usr/bin/dmd for executable and /usr/include/dmd/druntime/import,
/usr/include/dmd/phobos for libraries.

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