On 24 August 2013 09:42, monarch_dodra <monarchdo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Friday, 23 August 2013 at 16:31:17 UTC, Iain Buclaw wrote:
>> I've jsut been told there's no reception on Saturdays, so after 9.00am
>> might be a slight problem, but I think they will leave a number for
>> you to call.
>> I *could* excuse myself to let you in, but that would require relying
>> on me to remember what time you are arriving. :o)
> Hum... The forum was down yesterday, so I couldn't post this any earlier.
> I actually only intend to see your talk, so I won't be there before 16:00.
> I'll be at the gates *before* 15:30, and see if/how I can get it from there.
> FWI, I'll be the guy who walks with a crutch.
> I don't if anyone will be seeing this today, but if you don't see me in the
> building by 15:50, then it means I failed to get in, and am waiting
> outside...

I'm feeling a little rough this morning, so am running late (sorry
Eles!) - just having breakfast, and will be down about 10.30...

Iain Buclaw

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