On 24 Aug 2013 23:55, "Paulo Pinto" <p...@progtools.org> wrote:
> Funny, I always thought otherwise, because Windows only has threads.
> Processes are just a means of grouping threads on Windows, as there
> isn't the distinction between threads and processes that UNIX systems
used to make.
> Then again, I lost track how the performance on Linux systems changed
across the whole Processes -> LinuxThreads -> NPTL -> Posix Threads
> --
> Paulo

Just did a quick search to see if I was right. I'm not sure if it's still
the case but it appears that is actually the scheduler that causes windows
to be much slower than Linux.

Ideally one would want a hybrid of threads and fibres anyway. I wonder how
much of the standard library would need to change.

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