Currently we have assertThrown/assertNotThrown, but assertEqual and friends are easy to implement and we thought about including them. However it needs more community support before it's included in Phobos
(i.e. more people need to want these).

They're easy to implement and I did to test the library itself. But it's either reimplement them everytime for each project or format assert messages manually. Neither appealed to me.

     No possibility to run just one particular test

E.g. test only one unittest block rather than the entire module at


I'd imagine this will be possible with the new getUnitTests trait in 2.064.

Hadn't heard of that, I'm going to have to take a look.

getUnitTests should help here, although it's still based on
compile-time introspection just like your library. I guess if nothing else, this trait will make your library implementation simpler. :)

Yay? :)

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