Major changes since 0.9.16:

 - The registry is now officially located at

   See also the current discussion thread in the D forum:$gvp$

 - Build types (debug, release, unittest etc.) can now be customized

 - Added support for multiple package repositories

 - Build flags are now handled in an abstract way to facilitate better
   compatibility of packages with different compilers (using a
   "buildOptions" field instead of "dflags" in most cases)

 - Configuration resolution on complex dependency graphs is much more
   robust now (i.e. "configurations" and "subConfigurations" fields of
   all used packages affect the finally chosen configurations as

 - Robustness improvements for the VisualD project generator (avoids
   redundant flags and link dependencies)

There are currently two active contributors, but a lot of work has piled up, mostly in the form of enhancement requests, so any additional help is valuable.

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