On 2013-09-26 20:18, Gary Willoughby wrote:

Only the deprecated version works as expected.

import core.exception;
import std.stdio;

alias void function(string file, size_t line, string msg) AssertHandler;

AssertHandler handler = function(string file, size_t line, string msg)
     writefln("File: %s", file);
     writefln("Line: %s", line);
     writefln("Message: %s", msg);

void main(string[] args)
     // assertHandler = handler; // <--- Private!
     setAssertHandler(handler); // <--- Works but deprecated

     assert(false, "Test message.");

I don't know which version of DMD you're using or when this part of druntime was update, but it's clearly not private according to the source code:


/Jacob Carlborg

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