On Thursday, 26 September 2013 at 20:56:39 UTC, bearophile wrote:
Joseph Rushton Wakeling:

I have not found this -- using minimallyInitializedArray for the arrays of built-in types is slower than if I use uninitializedArray.

Then minimallyInitializedArray should be improved :-)

It's odd, because the two actually use the same underlying function, with minimallyInitializedArray potentially triggering this section:

    else static if(minimallyInitialized && hasIndirections!E)
        ret[] = E.init;

... but if E is (say) an int, or a size_t, or any other built-in type, this should not be triggered -- right?

So it's bizarre that there is a performance difference here.

Incidentally, this was why I felt safe using uninitializedArray for arrays of e.g. long, size_t, etc., because the only difference at the end of the function could be whether the values contained in the array have been set or not. As I do ensure that any array entry used also has its value set, it should be OK.

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