Am 16.10.2013 21:58, schrieb Andrej Mitrovic:
On 10/16/13, Sönke Ludwig <> wrote:
It's still all a little rough around the edges. Any bugs can be reported
on the issue tracker [3] or discussed in the forum [4].


Not necessarily a bug, but when you search for "dlib", you only get
one result, "dlib" (dlibgit is missing). I've tried using "dlib*" but
that didn't work either. I think the search engine should try to be a
little more lax and show partial matches too.

I agree, that should probably count as one of the rough edges ;)

Currently it uses a crude old way of doing text search for old versions of MongoDB, but in the latest versions they have much better means. I'll look into it.

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