On Wednesday, 16 October 2013 at 17:41:37 UTC, deadalnix wrote:
Hum I have several regression is SDC's test suite. I have to investigate more to fix the code or submit bug report. It looks related to AA. What are the changes that affect AA in this new release ?

It turns out that is is a closure bug.

Sadly, this involve compiling SDC completely and run it on some test data. I can repro consistently, but it seems really hard to get a small repro. I just moved to the US, and am quite busy especially since the gvt shutdown have complicated things quite a bit.

Anyway, It is unlikely that I'll have a redux in the next ~2 weeks. I'm not how we should proceed here, but the bug seems serious to me (the worst kind : everything compile fine, bug the codegen is bogus).

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