On Mon, 2013-10-21 at 04:58 -0700, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> I confess that I don't understand why anyone is creating any unit test 
> projects for D, and I'd likely vote against any attempt to add such a thing 
> to 
> Phobos. D has built in unit testing functionality, and it works great. Maybe 
> some additional assert-like functions could be useful (similar to 
> assertThrown 
> or assertNotThrown), but we really don't need much beyond what the language 
> provides.

The focus on unit testing is a problem for me, unit testing is but ⅓ of
the testing needed. There is integration testing and system testing to
consider as well. Not to mention the different features needed of BDD
rather than TDD.

I appreciate that many people on this list think of anything to do with
the JVM beneath contempt ;-) but the JUnit → TestNG → Spock and Cucumber
journey is worth considering as a lesson in why not to get too focused
on programmer generation of units. Python has the same lessons with the
way unittest (aka PyUnit) and py.test are used. It is all about a
testing framework supporting unit test, integration test, and system
test usage.

See Catch for the current C++ front-runner.

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