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> Somewhat off topic, but out of curiosity: How do you distinguish 
> between integration and system testing?

Integration testing is when you test part or all of the system but not
in a full deployment context (so possibly still using mocks for the
database, network, user interface, etc.) whilst system testing is
testing the whole system in a real, albeit test, context.

> The descriptions I found usually sound like system testing is a 
> special case of integration testing, where you simply integrate 
> all components.

No, the difference is mostly in the context of execution of the system.
Integration testing is about the interworking of the components and so
you can mock out bits as needed to speed things up and drive things more
deterministically. System testing allows no use of mocks and must occur
in a full deployment setting, with the only compromise being that the
deployment is in a sandbox isolated from the rest of the world.

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