On Friday, 25 October 2013 at 07:50:36 UTC, ilya-stromberg wrote:
I think it's answer for your question. For example, Clang (LLVM C) is fastest, LDC (LLVM D) has 2-nd place, but LLVM-GHC (LLVM Haskell) ~ 2 times slower.

The explanation is quite simple. LLVM understand C and C++ runtime. It doesn't understand D runtime (LDC is doing some work in that regard, but it is still limited). So you see a difference between C and C++ as some optimization will be done in C/C++ (for instance heap to stack promotion) when it won't be done in D.

Haskell has really different semantic than C and C++, and quite far away from the hardware, so you have to expect a performance drop. The comparison of either C or C++ with haskell is not really meaningful as it is really comparing apple and bananas.

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