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> On Saturday, 26 October 2013 at 02:21:37 UTC, deadalnix wrote:
> > The explanation is quite simple. LLVM understand C and C++ 
> > runtime. It doesn't understand D runtime (LDC is doing some 
> > work in that regard, but it is still limited). So you see a 
> > difference between C and C++ as some optimization will be done 
> > in C/C++ (for instance heap to stack promotion) when it won't 
> > be done in D.
> While this is true in general I don't think that it explains the 
> difference in the mentioned benchmark. A PRNG does not use too 
> much of the C runtime.

And at a closer look, the author replaced calls to the C PRNG
with a simple XorShift engine included in the source code to
level the field between the languages. 60% of the runtime is
spent checking for collisions between rectangles.

> I believe that the IR generated by LDC could be improved and that 
> the difference in speed is caused by this.

If the author had applied correct rounding both Clang and LDC
would have had 100%. I assume the 1 ms (< 0.5%) difference
stems from the startup time of D or maybe for C he timed the
code internally and for D he used "time"; but it is really
insignificant in relative numbers.

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