dennis luehring, el 31 de October a las 15:28 me escribiste:
> >>Must always use script_no1 or script_no1.d?
> >
> >And maybe one day I have a lot of .py files that I intend to
> >replace with D scripts TRANSPARENTLY for their user.
> >
> >Will D bow at me why I use the .py extension?
> >
> >Is D trying to shoot his own foot? It really seems to succeed
> >quite well.
> >
> >My boss is right: is just a toy pretending to be serious.
> sorry, but this is a very stupid comment:
> 1. never ever was a language successful(or not) because
> of its file-extension behavior - maybe in your world
> 2. i hope there is no other tool around try to find/analyse/whatever
> real Python programs by using the extension - else you need to
> change that anyway
> 3. "My boss is right: is just a toy pretending to be serious" -
> maybe, maybe not - but not because of your stupid file extension
> comments

I think even when the wording isn't the best, what he says is true.
Sometimes is hard to sell the language when things that are so trivial
and fundamental (as letting file names have arbitrary names, at least
for scripts) not only are broken, but are justified by the community.

That's definitely not serious and discouraging.

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