On Tuesday, 5 November 2013 at 05:09:58 UTC, Manu wrote:
Note: I saw Alexander Bothe released an update to the parser one day after
your release... ;)

Sure, there have been a couple of critical regression bugs in the parser engine.
Furthermore, I re-enabled the ufcs completion.

Rainer, I somehow really recommend to provide a more frequent way to update the D_Parser.dll - just to provide a way to fix e.g. completion issues without having to recompile/package/upload the entire VisualD setup.

An automated build system which simply calls
git pull
xbuild DParser2/DParser2.csproj
already suffices. I could insert a push hook into the repo which is executed then in order to inform the build system to do a rebuild.

It also was possible to execute Unittests first, so in the case that there are some regression bugs (as it happened just recently), it simply won't be distributed.

Finally, a small webserver providing the built dll (or a zip of it) and a check whether there's an update available will passively distribute the dll to all clients. Not to forget some security things like hash check or encryption etc.

Also, the D_Parser.dll could be put into the AppData/Roaming folder, so no admin rights are needed for a parser update.

What do you think about this?

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