On 06.11.2013 09:25, Alexander Bothe wrote:
On Tuesday, 5 November 2013 at 05:09:58 UTC, Manu wrote:
Note: I saw Alexander Bothe released an update to the parser one day
your release... ;)

Sure, there have been a couple of critical regression bugs in the parser
Furthermore, I re-enabled the ufcs completion.

Rainer, I somehow really recommend to provide a more frequent way to
update the D_Parser.dll - just to provide a way to fix e.g. completion
issues without having to recompile/package/upload the entire VisualD setup.

An automated build system which simply calls
git pull
xbuild DParser2/DParser2.csproj
already suffices. I could insert a push hook into the repo which is
executed then in order to inform the build system to do a rebuild.

It also was possible to execute Unittests first, so in the case that
there are some regression bugs (as it happened just recently), it simply
won't be distributed.

Finally, a small webserver providing the built dll (or a zip of it) and
a check whether there's an update available will passively distribute
the dll to all clients. Not to forget some security things like hash
check or encryption etc.

Yeah, being able to get releases out more often, and having bug fixes being tested in the field would be nice. But I think we should not over-engineer things here.
Do you have a web-server that could do the compilation?

Also, the D_Parser.dll could be put into the AppData/Roaming folder, so
no admin rights are needed for a parser update.

The component being used by Visual D is a local COM server, I'm not sure if it is good to have that in a user folder.

What do you think about this?

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