Good to have a thread on it, thank you for taking this step Walter !

Although, it looks to me that the numbering scheme and the git tags are not
related to the build, but rather related to the release.
So you might consider a release master, not just build.
This will involve doing (or delegating to the proper person) the changelog,
define a release cycle, which will include pre-release (rc / sanity check),
release (communication / building / test / upload ...), and possibly
post-release (be sure the security fixes are being backported to the
supported versions, ie) actions.
IMO that would be very beneficial for D to have someone holding that role.

2013/11/7 Walter Bright <>

> On 11/6/2013 1:43 PM, Brad Anderson wrote:
>> It might need to be multiple people because very few people are experts
>> in every
>> platform supported. Maybe a release manager with more "platform
>> lieutenants" to
>> help.
> Of course. Being in charge of something doesn't mean being expert at all
> of it or doing all the work - help from others will be necessary.

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