Dicebot, el 10 de December a las 14:01 me escribiste:
> On Tuesday, 10 December 2013 at 12:57:10 UTC, Andrew Edwards wrote:
> >I which case, updating with master will be counter productive.
> >Thanks for the heads up. I will just have to rely on the devs to
> >cherry-pick what was not originally included in the branch.
> cherry-picking is discouraged in that scenario as it will complicate
> merging 2.065 branch back into master after release. rebase sounds
> like best fit.

I don't understand. Rebasing the release branch on top of master
shouldn't be an option, as it means you are taking all the changes to
master and put them in the release branch. That's just using master as
a release branch. The other way around would be crazy.

What problems do you see merging cherry-picked stuff back into master?
IIRC git should be smart enough to recognize duplicated commits and
ignore them, at least if you merge often.

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