Am 22.12.2013 14:38, schrieb extrawurst:
> Hello fellow Dlers ;)
> about a week ago I released the multiplayer version of my android app
> STACK4 (
> The app itself is using the free unity3d engine (C#) for the frontend
> but, after quite a journey, the backend was developed using D and the
> awesome vibe.d framework.
> While I am preparing a pretty detailed article about why it was a
> journey to the point of using D and how using D worked out in the end I
> would ask everyone who has access to an android device to test the app
> and give me feedback about every kind of problem you may encounter!
> Cause apparently the ordanary android customer just downloads and throws
> a 1-star rating at you without telling you why the hell they are
> disappointed with it :(
> Cheers,
> Stephan

I've tested the Blackberry version. The only thing that stood out a bit
was that the UI could be a bit larger.

Otherwise, nice and fun little game! Congrats!

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