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Am 22.12.2013 14:38, schrieb extrawurst:
Hello fellow Dlers ;)

about a week ago I released the multiplayer version of my android app STACK4 (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Extrawurst.FIR).

The app itself is using the free unity3d engine (C#) for the frontend but, after quite a journey, the backend was developed using D and the
awesome vibe.d framework.

While I am preparing a pretty detailed article about why it was a journey to the point of using D and how using D worked out in the end I would ask everyone who has access to an android device to test the app and give me feedback about every kind of problem you may encounter! Cause apparently the ordanary android customer just downloads and throws a 1-star rating at you without telling you why the hell they are
disappointed with it :(


I've tested the Blackberry version. The only thing that stood out a bit
was that the UI could be a bit larger.

Otherwise, nice and fun little game! Congrats!

Thanks for testing! Unfortunately the Blackberry 10 Version with multiplayer is not yet approved but if you would like to test the version (for what i would be very thankfull) you can drop me an email to stephan at extrawurst dot org and send me your blackberry id mail address, this way i can add you to the sandbox tester and you can download the version from the appworld store right now ;)
That would be great!


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