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On Mon, 20 Jan 2014 15:16:42 -0800, Robert <jfanati...@gmx.at> wrote:

Thank you Dicebot for stepping up. Unfortunately the demand seems to
be very, very low, so I believe we are going to stick with the old

Thanks again!

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Which is a shame too. We could have definitely used this in Aurora...
But I think Andrei's comments kind of nixed the discussion. :-S

On Monday, 20 January 2014 at 13:51:44 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
On Monday, 6 January 2014 at 09:11:09 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
Some time ago there have been a review for `std.signal` Phobos
It have not received much feedback and I was a it too busy to
proceed with final voting at that moment but with no outstanding
issues to address nothing prevents that final step.

Let's put 2 week deadline to refresh memories about the proposal and
make some decision. Voting closes at January 20th 23:59 GMT 0

Please take some time and help make Phobos better ;)

Less than 10 hours are left.

We use std.signals on DQuick, signals are critical for a GUI system, but there is no advanced GUI library written completely in D for the moment. For the moment DQuick still have a long way to do before really needing something better.

Maybe a day having thread safe ones will be essential but not for the moment, we have so mush things to fix and so few time to do it...

Sadly I doubt about the benefit of testing new signals on DQuick at his current stage.

Please don't loose hope cause we read this forum, and seeing people working on such subjects help us to save motivation.

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