On 2014-01-21 23:22, Andrew Edwards wrote:
Due to building an packaging requirements and a need to address the
concerns of the community, I changed the naming convention for this and
all future releases.

I'm getting some regressions when compiling Tango. I filed one bug report but having trouble creating a reduced test case for the other one.

The error I get is:

Regex.d(2524): Error: associative array key type TagIndex does not have 'const int opCmp(ref const TagIndex)' member function Regex.d(3676): Error: template instance tango.text.Regex.TDFA!dchar error instantiating
Regex.d(4420):        instantiated from here: RegExpT!char
Regex.d(4407): Error: tdfa_t.Command is used as a type
Regex.d(4420): Error: template instance tango.text.Regex.RegExpT!char error instantiating

TagIndex looks like this:

struct TagIndex
    uint tag, index;

And it's used in an associative array:

uint[TagIndex] registers;

/Jacob Carlborg

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