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In wake of this announcement, we decided to keep registration opened at pre-registration costs until we publish a program. Register now!



Question: I want to participate, but I am from another country,
then I need to get my passport first, but in case it is denied
(It happens sometimes) can I have a refund?


where do you live?

you need a valid passport to travel but you actually need a visa to enter the US, if your country is not a member of the visa waiver program. [0]

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Waiver_Program

I'm from Brazil, and for what I read I don't think that applies
to us.


It is true that the VWP does not apply to Brazil. But according to the list lower down on that page the State Department only refuses 3.5% of requests from Brazil so I imagine that it would be fairly easy to get one. The type of visa you will specifically need is a B1 visa.

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