Hi Bruno,

First off, I wanted to share my appreciation for working on D support in Eclipse and especially for introducing the debugging capabilities with DDT - really awesome!

I started playing around with the CDT debugger for D programs and so far got a question about D dynamic arrays. Actually they're already supported by GDB "out of box", and indeed debugging with GDB 7.6.2 allows for the following array's output:

<code line> int[] a = [7, 5];

(gdb) print a
$1 = {7, 5}

but still, if debugging the same code in Eclipse (CDT), I see:
a       struct _Array_int       {...}   
  length        unsigned long   2       
  ptr   int *   0x7ffff7ecdfd0  

While it is definitely possible to implement some custom pretty printers for this (and it shouldn't be that hard), I wanted to first ask whether you have some clue about how can the D-style array output be forced in CDT. Thanks!

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