On 2014-02-14 22:02, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:

That's... old. Why doesn't DMD start using it? 10.7 came out in 2011.

It wasn't that old until recently, when 10.9 was released. It's the same as with everything else. Someone just have to commit time and implement it. I guess this is a bit different though, since we might need to drop support for 10.6.

I wasn't aware of that. One has to consider how it will be expected to
work. Most of the time, D compiles and runs unit tests if -unittest is
passed. What happens in -nodruntime -unittest?

-unittest need to be passed for __traits(getUnitTests) to return anything.

Does it just compile the
unit tests into the objects but not store the pointers since there is no

I would say so, yes.

/Jacob Carlborg

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