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I want a way to disable the GC, and have the compiler verify that no GC allocations may occur.

I want a way to disable Exceptions, and have the compiler verify that no Exceptions may occur.

Good, this is what I had in mind.

I want a way to disable linking either the standard library and the runtime, and be able to run a minimal D program without needing to stub anything out manually.

The idea can be boiled down to:
> The idea is to be able to use a subset of D that does not require any of
druntime or phobos - it can be linked merely with the C standard library.


Can you name anything I'm missing?

TLS, dynamic cast, profiling, static this/static ~this, assert, -cov, -profile, class == and synchronized all rely on druntime code.

Also, D classes will fail to link without Object.

Should `array.length = x` be an error or just unsafely set the length?

Should it be ABI-compatible with normal D?

If you don't have strong feelings about any of these they should still probably be listed.

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