Great ! I'll try it out as soon as I get a little free time.
My first remark would be: does it support the new dub.json as well ? DUB is
moving to this file as the standard package file, to prevent clash with
another tool.

2014-03-06 9:13 GMT-08:00 Atila Neves <>:

> I managed to get a pull request accepted by flycheck to have a variable to
> specify include paths for dmd so that the dmd runs made by flycheck include
> all of the directories it needs to properly highlight errors.
> I wrote the elisp in the repository above to read package.json and fill in
> that variable automatically. That way any project with dub dependencies has
> automatic error checking as you type!
> It'll probably need some using in real life and bug discovery before it's
> solid, which is why I haven't tried adding it as a package to marmalade or
> melpa yet.
> Atila

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