Ah, ok. I'll wait for the bug to be fixed.

In the meanwhile, the package is now on MELPA and can be installed as any other emacs package.


On Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 07:17:04 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
Am 19.03.2014 00:16, schrieb Atila Neves:
V0.0.4 now supports both package.json and dub.json


There is one change that I would highly recommend - using the output of "dub describe" instead of directly reading dub.json:

- It's planned to add an SDL based format, which otherwise then would
   also have to be supported

 - Properly determining the right dependency versions/paths,
configurations and platform specific values is not easy, but vital
   to get the correct results

 - Parts of the format may get extended in the future, requiring
   constant maintenance of the elisp package

"dub describe" always outputs a JSON document* and has everything resolved down to bare compiler settings, so it's trivial to handle.


* There is currently a bug where sometimes a non-JSON preamble is output before the actual contents, so it's necessary to skip until the first '{' before interpreting the output. This will be resolved in the next version.

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