Hi everyone,

It is my great pleasure to announce a new feature addition to the tool Digger.

Digger's goal is to be able to build D versions from any point in D's history. As it has already conquered the present (building D from git master) and past (building D from any git commit), only one final frontier remained: the future!

Although this might sound like an impossible feat which would violate causality, recent advancements in D-wave quantum tunnelling have made this possible and safe (mostly), and I've put together a simple implementation.

I've tried it out, and it works on my machine. However, due to there being an infinite number of possible eventualities, user input is required: whereas before only a timestamp or version number sufficed, to utilise this feature the user must select the desired features that their future D version must have, and Digger shall locate a timeline where D has the selected features, and tunnel it across, onto the user's hard drive.

Here is what the user interface looks like (fragment):

Note that due to technical reasons, Digger can only lock on to timelines with additions proposed at the moment of tunnelling. Nevertheless, these are exciting times! With this prescient capability, we can find regressions before they end up in D, or predict proposal conflicts before they materialise!

If you'd like to give it a spin, the source repository is here:


Pre-built Windows binaries are also available:


Launch digger-web to access the user interface!

Further improvements can be expected in the near future, and feedback is welcome as always. Dig safely!

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