On Tuesday, 6 May 2014 at 13:19:09 UTC, Szymon Gatner wrote:
Holy s**t, that is a lot! How did you manage to fit all this in 337 pages?!

Each individual item tended to only be about 3 pages, some shorter, a few longer (I had a fair chunk to say about ranges and reflection, not so much to say about threads and phobos) and in some cases I kinda ask the reader to take things on faith.

Mostly, I explain the faith stuff on the following page, but in the bare metal thing, like i said before, some of it is just "that interacts with the hardware, trust me". So that chapter was only about 15 pages.... a lot for two "recipes" ("hello world" and "handling interrupts"), but certainly not a comprehensive covering of the subject.

I gotta writing my dconf talk next though that will go a bit more into it, but again, with a focus on druntime functions more than on how the hardware actually works.

I assume it has standard PACKT format ("give it a go hero" etc)? Bought it and waiting for a release :) Congratz!

yeah, it starts with a list of steps, then usually shows code (not always a complete program but usually), then some talk about how it works and covering details.

the code should also be available as a separate download for each thing so you can run it more easily and play with it that way.

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