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Tkd v1.0.0-beta



Tkd is a fully cross-platform GUI toolkit based on Tcl/Tk[1]. Tkd allows you to build GUI applications easily and with the knowledge of a consistent, native look and feel on every platform.

Why Tcl/Tk?

Tkd development was initiated based on the performance and uptake of the Tkinter[2] toolkit distributed as a standard part of the Python[3] programming language. Tkinter allows developers easy access to GUI programming with very little learning. Being the de facto GUI toolkit of Python has introduced more developers to GUI application programming and increased the popularity of the language as a whole. Tkd is an attempt to provide D with the same resource.

Supported platforms



Full HTML documentation is available inside the repository.


Because Tkd is based upon Tcl/Tk and being cross-platform in nature there are limitations on what can be achieved. While not as comprehensive as gtkd or qtd, Tkd offers a smaller and lighter alternative for quickly creating native GUI applications. See the readme in the repository for more detailed information.

[1]: http://www.tcl.tk/
[2]: https://wiki.python.org/moin/TkInter
[3]: https://www.python.org/

What dmd frontend version are you targeting/developing with?

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