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I'm working on my presentation for the conference and I'm running out of
time.  I'd like to ask you guys for some help locating a few dates:

1) When 0.x transitioned from alpha to beta
2) Was there a beta to release candidate transition for 0.x -> 1.x? If
so, when?  I have the 1.00 release date, that one is easy.
3) When did the 2.x series switch similarly (alpha, beta, rc)?

There weren't really any alpha/beta/rc states for any of that. Neither formally nor informally. Back then, everything was all just "if it's good enough for you, then go ahead and use it". The stability was more of an ever-progressing (and occasionally regressing) gradient.

Also, 0.x -> 1.x was only an arbitrary "line in the sand". Version 1.000 was just simply the name of the next regular release after 0.1xx (whatever the "xx" would have been, don't recall offhand). The 1.000 moniker was more PR than technical.

Similarly, version 2.000 was just simply the next "mainline" release after it was decided to fork off a separate "no more breaking changes" branch (which is what 1.x *became* when 2.000 was released).

It was all definitely very much *not* "semantic versioning".
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