I'm working on my presentation for the conference and I'm running out of time. I'd like to ask you guys for some help locating a few dates:

1) When 0.x transitioned from alpha to beta
2) Was there a beta to release candidate transition for 0.x -> 1.x? If so, when? I have the 1.00 release date, that one is easy.
3) When did the 2.x series switch similarly (alpha, beta, rc)?
4) When were the various platforms added to the release bundles?

Any other events you consider major in the history of D. I've already got a bunch, but have room to include more and would hate to miss anything big. We each have our own view on what's important and I won't promise to include ones mentioned, but I'd love to have more to consider including.

Please send them directly to me (bra...@puremagic.com) rather than follow up in the news group to avoid a long and not really appropriate for the announce group discussion.


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