On 5/27/14, 2:57 PM, w0rp wrote:
That was brilliant. I think Scott made two very good points. D needs
people like himself to educate others, and that D should focus on
behaviour which makes sense not only in a particular context, but with
respect to the other contexts. (Which is what C++ lacks greatly.)

Really? What I got out of it was that D doesn't need people like him because his job is to explain the inconsistencies of the language. By designing a consistent language in the first place, people can readily understand it in all context thereby eliminating the need for people like him.

At roughly 04:55 he says:

"I am a professional explainer. That's my job. Who knew that you can have a job doing that? Turns out you can actually make a career of it."

He gives a slew of examples of kind of things he's got to explain on a daily basis and closes out the whole thing with:

"The message that I bring to the D Community, based on my experience with with C++, is that the last thing D needs is somebody like me."

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