On Thursday, 29 May 2014 at 18:52:53 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:
On Thursday, 29 May 2014 at 18:12:10 UTC, Dmitry Olshansky wrote:
And no, it doesn't matter how the current frontend implements it, because you can argue next to any decisions this way.

When issues like this come up the spec is almost always changed to match the DMD front end instead of the other way around.

I believe that the result of this policy will be that the D community will need to have Scott Meyers or someone like him to explain some of these issues. :-)

It may not be as bad as C++, but is that how we want to measure a language design? "Sure, it looks bad, but it could have been so much worse!"

Why are we afraid of breaking code that relied on behavior that was not in the language specification?

My guess is that the fear of 'breaking' some users' code is too great right now. That was one of the things I took from Meyers' talk; the D designers still have an opportunity to be bold in introducing changes that make the entire design better (more easily explainable) while in C++ that opportunity has probably passed.

That makes it almost impossible to fix accepts-invalid bugs.

It's a problem that needs to be addressed. Thanks for your efforts and for continually reminding people. I really liked your lightning talk; it could have followed Meyers' and maybe the right people would have been shamed into action.

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