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I'll be there to test and bug report ! Thank for being the release

In my world a lieutenant is absolutely useless. Given the tutelage and
guidance of solid staff non-commissioned officer, some day they will become
productive members of the community. If they don't find such a mentor
however, they will become loose cannons: destroying all in their path.

I tend to see life from a different perspective. Officers, in general, are
quite useless. They are the "good idea fairies" who give little, if any,
consideration to the ramifications of their ideas/proposals and will stop at
nothing to see them come to fruition: regardless of consequences. Worse
still, they are absolutely incapable of implementing the ideas/proposals
they generate.

I prefer a "Chief and Indian" analogy. The Chief knows what needs to get
done and, though she may not know have the tasks required to get the job
done, leverages the strengths of the Indians to do so. The Indians provide
the skills and know-how, and actually does the work.

This community needs far more Chiefs and Indians (arguably more Indians than
Chiefs): and way less lieutenants.

Oh, wow! That was a pretty long way around to say thank you for your
continued support.

Nice analogy (and outlook!)

Now, as 'Chief' of GDC talking to 'Chief' or D releases, I must say
that the release timings are abysmal.  At least 2 months overdue.  I
have only just managed to catch up to 2.065, and that's not due out
till the weekend.

Things used to be so much easier when releases were less than 2 months apart.

You are absolutely correct... I was asked to delay the April and, after that, my personal life took precedence. I am aiming is to get back on track with a two month release cycle. The maintenance releases will remain on a six month cycle though.

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