On 6/12/14, 3:25 PM, Kapps wrote:
On Thursday, 12 June 2014 at 18:25:36 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu
On 6/12/14, 6:34 AM, Dicebot wrote:
On Wednesday, 11 June 2014 at 02:01:24 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:
Please do not tag anything until we decide if "virtual" is a keyword
in D.

See: https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/dlang.org/pull/584

It was decided and 100% certain - "virtual" is not going in. Need to
remove it from DMD before this release is out.

Yes please. -- Andrei

That's pretty disappointing. Something similar to virtual is
necessary, and that something should be actually clean, readable,
and obvious. The proposed final(false), while it is generic, is
long and ugly, a double negative (not not overridable), and not
nicely readable / obvious. Best of all, it's simply another
important thing that continues to never see any progress as it
gets further ignored.

I don't think it's that important. And definitely there's no ignoring going on. There are plenty of things that are plenty more important, and final/virtual functions can already be done easily.


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