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        There are alternative tools available for windows too, but I
        think the
        key for Windows developers remains proper integration into Visual
        Studio, and PDB support.
        I guess the biggest hurdle there is integrating D concepts info into
        MS's proprietary PDB format. Expressing debug info like C really
        get us the full mile.
        Rainer bundles Mago with VisualD. I wonder what that's doing

    Aldo has put a lot of work in extending mago to 64-bit. I guess the
    next version of Visual D will come with it.

    Mago had D expression evaluation from the start, showing associative
    array elements was added a bit later.

Have you tried it out? How does it deal with some of the cases Iain
brought up; enum's, globals/statics, tls, etc.

It works, but not to the extend as described by Iain. Some of the issues need compiler support, like name symbol lookup through imports. IIRC unqualified globals/statics only work within the scope of their declaration (e.g. function statics), TLS should be ok.

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