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Stefan Koch via Digitalmars-d-announce
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> hmm it looks like you are not linking llvm in ...
but i am. %-) or, better to say, your makefile doing it with
`llvm-config --libs`.

> do you use the most recent version from my sdc32-experimental 
> repo ?
yes, just cloned it before sending report.
commit 34fdd6a73e6137173a3840218a76dfd2f6c50d68

> so you have to `make` it :D
yes, i read README and did 'make'. %-) actually, i'm not using DUB at

and before anyone will ask: it's Slackware, there is no need to install
any '-devel' packages. %-)

also please note that i'm using the lastest DMD git, not any of the
officially released versions. and gcc 4.9.1.

p.s. maybe i should rebuild llvm from sources before we continue. i'll
try to do it tomorrow.

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