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If you're writing in a language, try to appear literate.
but what if i can't, for example? i can read (and understand without dictionary, and with jokes too) books of Pratchett, Carrol, Adams, even Tolkien with his "ye olde English", but i absolutely can't build correct
English sentence by myself.

The fact that you obviously can (sans capital Is, it seems) aside, I'd say it's a good reason to give yourself a pause before writing something for a wider public. The rules that say "start every sentence with a capital letter" or "every "I" meaning thyself shall be capitalized" are really simple to follow and you learn them very early when learning the language. Negligence to do so is, to me, either extreme laziness or lack of respect to the reader. This isn't twitter or a text message, after all, you had to have put some serious thought into writing such a post. Why not put a minute more to make it presentable?

That being said, I'm sorry for my poor choice of words, I did not mean them to be as aggressive as they are.

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