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On Saturday, 30 August 2014 at 07:59:16 UTC, Gary Willoughby
> Stop being such a grammar nazi.

I didn't bring it up because I felt like being pedantic, I
brought it up as a suggestion to make it more pleasant to read.

Since you've already been labelled as a pedant, perhaps you
should learn the difference between pedantry and Nazism.

Can we please stop arguing this (and that goes for both sides of this). This
discussion is not in the least bit productive.

There is no question that failing to capitalize the letter i when it's used as a pronoun is bad English, and there's no way that anyone fluent enough in English to write an article like this is not going to know that. So, clearly,
he's doing it on purpose.

I agree that bad grammar - especially when it's so blatant like this - detracts from what's being written, and pointing out that it was a problem was fine, but continuing to argue about it serves no purpose. Clearly, he knows that what he's doing is bad grammar, but he's doing it anyway for whatever his personal reasons are. Arguing about it like this isn't helping. It's just
increasing the level of contention around here.

- Jonathan M Davis

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