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If I install dmd 2.066 with dvm, it won't overwrite or change anything?

No, the whole idea is to have multiple compilers installed simultaneous.

I'll soon be moving my code from 2.065 to 2.066, but I want to keep
2.065 around for a while to maintain existing code till the transition
is complete.

Yes, that's the whole idea.

And how do I integrate it with dub?

It doesn't have a direct integration with Dub. But that's the other part of the idea. Just run "dvm use <compiler_version>" to set the version you want to use. When Dub runs DMD it will use the one you chose earlier. It works with any tool invoking DMD in the same session as you run "dvm use".

This all works on the command line. If you have some form of IDE chose the location where DVM installs the compilers. On Posix this will be ~/.dvm and on Windows this will be C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\dvm. Then either pick any of the following:

* <path_to_dvm>/bin/dmd-<version> - for a specific compiler version

* <path_to_dvm>/bin/dvm-current-dc - the compiler you chose last time with "dvm use <version>"

* <path_to_dvm>/bin/dvm-default-dc - the default compiler, set with "dvm use <version> -d"

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