On 2014-09-04 10:40, Chris wrote:

Weird, I did try the zero at the end (as described on the homepage*),
yet I got an error. Maybe I typed a comma instead of a "." without
realizing it. However, I'm almost sure I didn't type the zero when
installing 2.066 and I got the right version.

DVM just takes the argument you give it, in this case 2.066. Then it prepends "dmd." and appends ".zip" forming something like this:


Then it prepends "ftp://ftp.digitalmars.com/"; to that filename. If there is a file matching that name in the Digital Mars FTP it will work. As you can see, there is no file named "dmd.2.066.zip", so you must have used "2.066.0".

If you've seen this mistake several times, maybe it would be good to
point it out under "Usage". And maybe having/trying more than one mirror
would be good too, if it makes sense for DVM.

There is no mirror, as far as I know.

/Jacob Carlborg

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