On 05/09/14 11:32, Chris wrote:

Chances are I did, yeah. It's hard to remember later what I typed
exactly once the shell is closed. Would there be a way to download the
latest version by default, if the user types "install 2.066" or just
"install [dmd]"?

Just run "dvm install -l" and it will install the latest version.

If there isn't, what could be done on the dmd side of
things to facilitate this?

Be consistent with the versioning scheme. But since Andrew has been responsible for the releases and the release process is mostly automated I think this is solved now (hopefully).

DVM is a pretty handy tool, but it still has
some rough edges. I think it could one day be part of a D Development
Framework (DDF). Please keep it up.


/Jacob Carlborg

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