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Is Nullable!(T) with polymorphic type disallowed now?

Sorry, I meant


Here's a module


a bit tweak from the original design by Adam D Ruppe.

What does a troubles with your NotNull implementation you have with old alias this? Do you want to implicit cast from NotNull!(T) to all other NotNull!(B) where B is basetype of T?

That makes me think of a question:

Will the compiler instantiate a template member function, if it is specified as alias this?

    struct MyStruct {
        T convertTo(T)()
            // implementation

        alias convertTo this;

    MyStruct s;
    int a = s;
    float b = s;
    string c = s;

Will this work?

No, this isn't work.
You can start discussion about this feature and if it be approved, it can be implemented in future.

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